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Original H&K HK33 5.56/223 Parts Kit HK93

Original price was: $2,070.99.Current price is: $1,550.99.


Original H&K HK33 Parts Kit – Less Barrel, Flat & Magazine

Heckler & Koch HK33/HK93 Parts Kit in excellent condition. This parts kit is sourced from a German-manufactured HK33, previously issued to the Malaysian Army in the 1970s-80s. All steel components have been bead blasted and refinished with Black Nitride or Manganese Phosphate. The polymer furniture has been thoroughly cleaned and is free of any sticky cosmoline. The kit includes all the necessary parts to assemble a complete HK93, except for the barrel, magazine, semi-auto shelf, and sight dust cap. This kit already consists of a US-made semi-auto trigger pack, eliminating the need for conversion. An FFL is not required, and the kit ships directly to you. The photo shown is of the actual parts kit. The following parts are included:

  • A2 Stock with steel buffer plate (cleaned)
  • Wide Handguard with Heat-Shield and Bipod Mount (cleaned)
  • SUO Trigger Housing (with push-pin hole and Black Nitride refinished Selector)
  • Semi-Auto Trigger Pack (Black Nitride refinished steel parts, US aluminum Trigger Box)
  • F/A Bolt Carrier with integral buffer (wholly taken apart, cleaned and regreased)
  • 5.56/223 Bolt with Extractor (Bolt is refinished in Black Nitride, with new extractor spring and standard rollers)
  • #8 53-Degree Locking Piece with Firing Pin and Spring (Locking Piece is refinished in Black Nitride)
  • Guide Rod with Recoil Spring
  • Demilled Trunnion (bead blasted)
  • Demilled Cocking Tube with Hanger Clip (bead blasted)
  • Demilled Front Sight Triple-Tree (bead blasted) with Black Nitride refinished Sight-Blade and Roll-Pin
  • Cocking Tube Support (refinished in Manganese Phosphate)
  • Cocking Handle with Spring and Pin
  • Rear Sight Base (new old stock, bead blasted)
  • Diopter Rear Sight (wholly refurbished and refinished in Black Nitride)
  • Rear Sight Hardware (windage screw, locking screw with a lock washer and oval washer)
  • Magazine Catch Assembly (refinished in Manganese Phosphate) – Mag Catch, Contact Piece, Ant-Rattle Paddle, Spring, Button and Roll-Pin
  • Barrel Retainer Pin (5mm Standard)
  • Push Pin Set (2 small, 1 large – refinished in Manganese Phosphate)
  • Rear Bushing for Stock Pin
  • Carry Mount with Handle
  • Birdcage Style Muzzle Brake with Locking Ring


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Original H&K HK33 5.56/223 Parts Kit HK93

Original price was: $2,070.99.Current price is: $1,550.99.
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