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Machine Guns is a military shop established in 2005 in Manchester, TN, USA. Our headquarters and warehouse are still located here, from which we carry out all aspects of our online activities. Over the years, we have come a long way from a humble machine gun shop in Manchester, TN, to one of the world’s most prominent names in machine guns. Today, we are one of the leaders in selling machine guns, machine gun parts, and airsoft machine guns, and we continue to care not only about our development but also the development of the entire machine gun industry. We are actively working towards promoting machine guns, as it is not only a business but also our passion.

Machine Gun Shop was created out of a passion for the military.

We also did it for ourselves when we started our machine gun shop almost 20 years ago. The creators of machine gun shops were some of the first enthusiasts of this hobby in the US, which was not so popular back then. This meant equipment shortages and the necessity of building the entire machine gun shop infrastructure from scratch. We contributed significantly to this, and because our primary motivation was passion, it was easier for us to overcome obstacles.

In the very beginning, we functioned as a shop with a machine gun shop, which was the bulk of our business. We mainly focused on them and slowly established contacts with more machine gun manufacturers to offer our customers a wider selection. However, eventually, this was not enough for us, and we expanded our offer to include more military equipment. Military clothing and accessories started appearing in our shop, enabling customers to participate in various survival or outdoor activities.

Currently, our machine gun shop offers thousands of products that you can pay for in a way that is most convenient for you, including deferred payments and installments. Various shipping options allow for quick and timely delivery of orders to the USA, Canada, Australia, and European Union countries and beyond. To meet the expectations of our foreign customers, we try our best to adapt our store to their needs. Gradually, we implemented additional language versions of our online shop to make shopping more convenient for our clients from all over Europe. Currently, we offer shopping in Polish, English, French, Spanish, Czech, and Dutch. Almost 100 employees closely monitor every aspect of our business, including machine gun enthusiasts and online sales, customer service, logistics, and production specialists. We place great emphasis on marketing, as evidenced by, among other things, constant work on providing the best customer experience or collaboration with several airsoft influencers from all over Europe.

A Machine Gun shop created by enthusiasts

Our Machine Gun shop team consists mainly of airsoft enthusiasts. We engage in this hobby both at work and in our free time. You can meet our team of employees at various Machine Gun events, who willingly participate in them in their spare time. We organize or sponsor many of these events, for example, by providing prizes for the best players. You can meet us at Machine Gun events, trade fairs, or regular Machine Gun skirmishes that take place not only in Poland but also in different parts of the world. Thanks to the fact that we come from this environment ourselves, we can operate more efficiently as a Machine Gun shop. We know the equipment we sell because we use it ourselves. This gives us an edge in providing advice because we understand the problems, questions, and doubts that our customers experience.

Our military shop – USA, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe

Manchester, TN, USA, is where it all began, but from the very beginning, we knew that our ambitions and plans were much more prominent in scope. We gradually marked our presence in the USA, then entered additional markets in Europe and beyond. Currently, our online military shop is successfully conducting foreign sales. We ship to European Union countries and the British Isles. Players from many countries have trusted us, as evidenced by the annual “Machine Gun Players’ Choice Awards” competition results. It is organized by the international portal Popularairsoft.com, and machine gun enthusiasts worldwide participate in the voting process. We have won the Best Machine Gun Shop in Europe category 13 times, confirming the high quality of our services and motivating us to further development.

Machine Gun Shop –  complete all orders.

You can shop at machine gun shops from anywhere in the USA, Canada, Australia, and many parts of the world. Our Manchester, TN, employees take care of the proper shipment protection and then supervise the delivery process. We ensure that delivery occurs as quickly as possible. Customer service quality is also crucial to us. You can always contact us via chat, forms, email, Messenger, or phone. We want our contact with you to be as efficient and quick as possible. This applies to order fulfillment and complaints or service support because we provide these services to our customers.

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